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Tree County Players offers a range of services to enrich our community through performing arts experiences. Our services include producing and performing plays and musicals, hosting workshops and masterclasses for aspiring actors, and providing opportunities for community members to get involved in all aspects of theater production.

Play Productions

At Tree County Players, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality plays and musicals that showcase the talents of our local performers. From classic Shakespeare to modern dramas, our productions offer a variety of theatrical experiences for our audiences to enjoy.

Workshops and Masterclasses

We believe in investing in the next generation of performers and theater professionals. That's why we offer a range of workshops and masterclasses, led by experienced industry professionals, to help aspiring actors and technicians hone their craft.

Community Involvement

At Tree County Players, we believe that theater is for everyone. That's why we offer opportunities for community members of all ages and backgrounds to get involved in all aspects of theater production, from acting and singing to set design and stage management.

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