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Enriching our community through performing arts experiences.

Tree County Players (transparent web)-05.png
Tree County Players (transparent web)-05.png

Board of

President – Karen Matthews

Vice President – Amy Borns

Secretary – Amanda Gault

Treasurer – Cathy Lincourt

Corden Simmonds

Devin Morgan

Sean Durbin

Kim Gauck

Luke Lecher

Acting Out Since 1971

Tree County Players (TCP) is an all-volunteer group focused on fostering theatrical interests and skills within the community. Our main mission is to offer enjoyable and educational theatrical performances. We present several shows each year, including dramas, comedies, and a summer musical.


Thousands of residents from Decatur County and surrounding areas have participated in TCP productions, benefiting both participants and audiences.


We strive to budget our shows effectively, covering production costs through ticket sales, while fixed costs are supported by generous donations from benefactors and membership fees. TCP is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, making all donations tax-deductible. Membership fees start at $10 for individuals and $20 for families, aiming to keep the fees reasonable for all members.

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